Tidewater Drilling &

​Pump Service


* Softeners

* Carbon Filters

* Iron Filters

* Odor Oxidizers

* Chlorinators

* UV Lights

Water Treatment


Do you have hard water leaving spots and calcium build up? 

Much like Florida residence their are various water conditions  From hard water leaving water spots and calcium build up. To iron and sulfur that can have unpleasant odor and staining. These problems are obvious. After testing your water we can offer you some solutions.

​Some water problems are not as obvious. Bacterial like iron, coliform and E. Coli even feces can be in your water. PH levels can be off making your water corrosive. Their are solutions for these problems. Even if you have public water and are tired of chlorine smell. We have a simple economical fix. Just contact us and wash away your worries.